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Welcome to the EpicDuel Wikia wiki for Artix Entertainment's Flash Based MMO - EpicDuel.

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Coming Soon

  • Character Pages on the website - show off your achievements to your friends!
  • Improved Faction Management (founder step down feature)
  • Improved retraining system
  • New Battle Modes - survival mode, 2vs1 boss battles (possible drops)
  • Tournaments for rare prizes!
  • Customizable skill cards
  • More weapons and new NPCs
  • Awesome new achievement system!
  • And much more!

November 24th

  • EpicDuel Gamma Evolution 1.1.2 includes:
    • The holidays are almost upon us and to celebrate, we are gradually reintroducing our holiday rares from last year, starting with, you guessed it -- FROSTBANE!
    • Frostbane Returns!!!
      • The devastating, legendary sword Frostbane is returning to EpicDuel and it's better than ever! Immediately after the release goes live, those who purchase the 10,000 varium package will receive the coveted blade for a limited time! Let us know if you purchased the package today before the update and we'll award you the sword as soon as possible!
    • Armor Enhancements!
      • Finally bring back those dusty old armors from storage and give them a much-needed boost with armor enhancements! Founders will be rewarded by receiving 10 enhancement slots for their legendary armor. More than any in the game! Enhancing armors works just like weapons, so be sure to stop by one of the available Item Enhancing NPCs (Titan, Nightwraith, Mirv, Valery, Ulysses) to buff your weapons and armors!
    • Become a Warlord!
      • As a follow up to last weeks release, we have introduced a Daily War Kill leaderboard! We were honestly quite surprised that the Faction HQ weapons became so popular, so we felt it was only right to reward those who contributed so heavily to their chosen alignments with an achievement for the daily winners! We will also be awarding the Warlord achievement (1625 points) to those on the All-time board at the time of the release to reward those who made this such a successful feature!
    • One Year Anniversary!
      • A year ago at this time, Titan and I were in the underground lab working on the merger with Artix Entertainment, and it's been a wild ride ever since! Without them, the game you see today would not have been possible, so to celebrate, we're offering a "Year of the Dragon" achievement for purchasing ANY varium package after the update goes live. This achievement will be available for a limited time to commemorate the anniversary, so grab it while you can!
    • New Features!
      • Frostbane returns! Free with purchase of the 10k varium package or from Titan and Nightwraith in Central Station.
      • Increased enhancement slots on Frostbane!
      • Armor enhancements! Add stat points to your armor! Founder armor receives 10 slots!
      • All primary weapons receive an additional 2 available enhancement slots!
      • New Daily War Kill leaderboard tracks emplacement kills for each player!
      • New Warlord achievement for winners of the Daily War Kills leaderboard!
    • Bug Fixes!
      • Fixed errors generated by NPC chat
      • Fixed Lawman Suite entrance bug
    • Not bad for a half-week release, eh? Join us again next week for yet another supercharged update! To those of you in the States, Happy Thanksgiving! To those of you everywhere else, eat a lot and spend quality time with your friends and loved ones!

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